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About US


The RG Education Society is a nonprofit organization committed to furthering education in engineering and engineering technology. It accomplishes this mission by


Promoting excellence in research, public service, and practice;

Organizing  Conferences and Seminars

Hosting Research Journals

Fostering the technological education of society; and

Providing quality products and services to members.

In pursuit of academic excellence, RGES develops policies and programs that enhance professional opportunities for engineering faculty members, and promotes activities that support increased student enrollments in engineering and engineering technology colleges and universities. Strong communication and collaboration with national and international organizations further advances RGES's mission.

RGES also fulfills its mission by providing a valuable communication link among corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions. RGES's members include deans, department heads, faculty members, students, and government and industry representatives who hail from all disciplines of engineering and engineering technology. RGES directs many of its efforts at providing for open and ongoing dialogues among these groups.

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