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Let's say that age is MTnba2k

Posted by: mtnba2k on 9/9/2017 2:19 PM

Let's say that age is 24 years old. That gives a team working with a player coming out of high school six years to develop, while a three-year college player gets only half that time.Now, what about someone like LeBron? Folks will argue that he shouldn't have to wait six years to get paid real money. True, but what about the Steph Currys that sign extensions and then blossom into superstars? Maybe there can be mechanisms to accelerate the earning potential of prodigies. Like you said, there are smart people in charge.

One thing I think most of MTnba2k us agree on is that the status quo -- college or nothing -- is unfair and unacceptable.ZILLER: The age-scale is intriguing. It also might help more international players come over later in their careers, or even Americans who spend the early parts of their careers in China or Europe (like Bo McCalebb). Perhaps a combination of age and experience factors can be put in to ensure the most productive players are being paid representative to their contributions each year. NBA franchises would be on board with that -- much of what owners have fought for in recent years has been minimizing dead money.

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